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Main reasons to use WordPress to create your website

why use WordPress to create your website

WordPress is affordable

While this software is free as freedom, you require both domain name (website ‘s address on the internet) and web hosting (website’s home where all the websites files are stored) in order to install it, so you may be wondering why use WordPress to create your website? As an open-source software you can use WordPress for free, install, use as well as modify to meet your needs, and most importantly, it’s compatible with any kind of website. Be sure to work with a reputable WordPress hosting provider.

A huge community and excellent support

You can get assistance and support directly from WordPress customer support services. In fact, if you have a paid plan, you will be able to access live chat support 24/7 from Monday to Friday. Also, folks with big companies or eCommerce plans can reach live chat agents even on weekends. Since most individuals globally use WordPress, it offers countless tutorials, guides, and resources that are easily accessible online. Moreover, there are WordPress forums where you can interact with other users of this precious CMS for help.

Offers Easy Customization

Most folks who use WordPress start using it without any prior knowledge of website designing, so why use WordPress to create your website? For non-tech savvy individuals, WordPress is an excellent solution as it offers thousands of free site templates or themes to select from. Whether it’s a business site, online store, or a blog, there will always be a perfect WordPress theme for any kind of website . Moreover, users can add custom functionality to their WordPress websites by using plugins. Plugins enable users to add other advanced features such as contact forms, analytics, security protocols, membership area, etc. Just like themes, you will come across free and premium plugins to use.

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WordPress is written not only using standard compliance top-quality code but also produces semantic markup. This makes it rank higher on Google, including other search engines. By Web Design , WordPress is ultimately SEO friendly – you can use WordPress SEO to enhance your site optimization further. Search Engine Optimization is the “heart” of today’s websites and it’s something that you must focus on from your site’s inception. For more site optimization, consider upgrading from basic SEO tools to installing a SEO WordPress plugin such as RankMath. It will give you content insights, ad-free experience, internal link suggestions among dozens of other benefits.


Generally, the WordPress platform is safe and secure; it makes it easy for users to facilitate the security of their websites with features such as password protection for every folder content. Always using the latest WordPress version will keep you off bugs, malicious attacks, website malware, and other potential security threats. You can also enhance additional security by installing a WordPress security plugin or getting an SSL certificate for your website from your web hosting service. Enhancing this is like establishing a moat around your “website home” and this is one of the best reasons as to why use WordPress to create your website.

Easy to learn and use

WordPress is pretty easy to learn, even if you have never built a website or dealt with CMS before. Once you get WordPress, you can customize it in many ways as well as begin implementing more advanced features to gain full control of it. Now that WordPress comes with a built-in system of management, you can update your themes and plugins from within its admin dashboard. You want to use a WordPress backup plugin to protect your data – it creates backups automatically and stores them securely in a remote location.


When it comes to website management, nobody would want to take any chances. WordPress is a reliable, credible, and trustworthy platform you can refer to at any time – it controls more than 60% of the CMS market and powers about 34% of all websites globally. Considering the fact that about one-third of sites worldwide use WordPress, it is safe and true to say that your website will be in good hands if you utilize it as well. Basically, WordPress is a surefire platform when it comes to CMS. The best way you can truly experience WordPress power is by using it. Undoubtedly, you will ditch other common CMS platforms once you adopt it!

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