importance of responsive web design

Responsive Web Design is a must in 2020

Importance of Responsive Web Design

Greater accessibility for consumers

One of the key advantages of using a Responsive Web Design is that you can create a website that is accessible to so many more users. That means a wider reach and better connection to those that need your advice and services. It is all about ensuring that your website looks great on any platform. For example, how many times have you decided to leave a site when browsing on your tablet because it just wasn’t user-friendly? Are you aware of how your website looks when viewed on a smartphone?

Once accessed, the site will prove to be much easier to use

It isn’t just about the way that the site looks when users click the link to your website. Initial looks and design features are essential for improving your bounce rate stats and making sure that users stick around. The same is true for your loading speed, which should also increase with a more responsive approach. However, users still need simple navigation tools to get around. Switching to a Responsive Web Design allows for improved zoom and scrolling functions for quick access to information, products, and links. This efficient system will keep browsers around long enough for them to consider becoming consumers. They may also remember how easy it was to use the site and come back in the future.

Better approach to SEO

An added incentive in creating a mobile-optimized website like this is that you can improve your rankings on search engine result pages. The majority of users are now accessing the internet on a mobile device. A Responsive Web Design will allow the fluid transition from a search result page onto an optimized, attractive web page or online store. It is a complete waste of their time to memorize a web address, put down their phone and then perform a search on their laptop. By then, that impulse to buy could be long gone.

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It can also help you with your Google rankings

Did you know that Google has a preference for responsive websites?

Google has confirmed that they are predominantly using the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking since July 1st 2019. Google’s ideas of a top-ranking, trustworthy site are ever-changing as expectations and user data evolve. It is crucial that you pay attention to these requirements and bring in the right SEO measures to make the grade in 2020. A responsive web page will increase your chances of getting on their good side and leapfrogging some of your competitors.

Responsive Web Design is more important than ever

Mobile optimization and social media are more important than ever for a successful business website. If you want to make conversions and gain interest in your site, you need that mobile audience. So many consumers get their news and opinions from social media feeds. We are even more inclined to make big purchases and book holidays through our smartphones because of the convenience. That is why it is essential to bring your website into 2020 with style and improved responsiveness.

If you take another look at your current site and decide that it needs a makeover for the new year, there are some simple starting points. Upgrading your navigation system is essential with a focus on the most important menu options. Also, take a look at the layouts, fonts and visual appeal of the site. You can also reevaluate the ease of use of the buttons. Are they easy to click on a smartphone display? If you aren’t ready to handle all this yourself, you can turn to a professional team like ours to help you out.

Responsive Web Design
Importance of Responsive Web Design across different devices

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