Digital Tips for your business during COVID-19

Clever Tips that will help your business during COVID-19

Since we began practicing social distancing to slow the spread of the novel COVID-19, internet usage has increased over 50% according to Forbes and this is no surprise when millions of people are forced to stay home, so here are 5 Digital Tips for your business during COVID-19.


Now is a good time to make sure your website is up to date or look into a professional web design if your business doesn’t have one yet.

Google wants to provide fresh and relevant content for internet users, so adding new content (or even updating existing content) is a good way to help your website with your search result rankings as long as your content is easy to find in your website’s structure and navigation.


You can start by thinking which social media platforms are good for your business and go from there. If you already have a Facebook page make sure your information is up to date, also Instagram is a very powerful marketing tool no matter what size your business is, with more and more people using the social media platform it is no doubt something you should consider.


Even if your website doesn’t rank in the first page of Google’s Search Results (yet), your business can still show up on top of the first page with Local SEO.

Digital Tips for your business during COVID-19

Here are some examples of what you can do to achieve this:

  • Update your Google My Business profile.
  • Add more pictures about your business.
  • Ask your customers to write a 5-star review.
  • Verify your business address.
  • Posts, messages, questions and answers to your GMB account


If your physical store is closed during COVID-19 pandemic, see if you can deliver your services over the internet and interact with customers. For example, can your visitors place an order online? Request a quote or look at a product you are offering? Can they purchase a gift-card from home and use it at a later time? Or perhaps you can deliver your services with a live stream, like group training sessions or consulting services.


You probably already received some of these announcements in your mailbox where a company shared their responses and actions about COVID-19, explaining what kind of service their customers are going to experience during the outbreak.

Begin by deciding what will be your business’s approach, whether your business will close it’s physical location(s), what will the cleanliness standards be or let your customers know they may experience longer waits. Deliver your statement in different ways such as email and social media and keep your customers aware of the status of your business.


These are only a few examples of how you can keep providing your services in a different way and adapt to the current situation, of course depending on the industry you are in. Keep focusing on your SEO efforts that not only will help your business get though these unusual times but also prepare you for success in the long-run.

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